Adding vitamins to your daily routine is an efficient and natural way to give your body more of the nutrients it needs. Especially in a busy season of travel and preparing for holidays, it’s important to remember to keep yourself and your health a priority. Here are some vitamins that can help make that happen!

Vitamin D and Vitamin C

Vitamin D boosts your mood and is important for calcium absorption. It aids in protecting in osteoporosis and keeps your bones strong. It also prevents some forms of cancer. Since food alone can’t provide us the vitamin D levels we need, those who don’t spend time in the sun need a supplement. Vitamin D is a vitamin that benefits every single cell in your body and is actually essential to their function.

While most people get their daily dose of vitamin C in the foods they eat, we are including it here as an honorable mention for fall. With the changing of seasons often comes an increase of sickness, so boosting your intake of vitamin C will help strengthen your immune system and fight off colds.

Calcium with Magnesium

It’s no secret that calcium has endless benefits, the most well-known being strong bones and teeth. Calcium also helps our blood vessels, muscles, and nervous systems function correctly. If you practice a dairy-free diet, a calcium supplement is a necessity. Taking magnesium in tandem will help offset the potential side effects of calcium.

Magnesium deficiencies are found in 80 percent of the population. Magnesium helps regulate neurotransmitter functions which aid in sleeping well and reduce anxiety, migraines, and memory loss. It is recommended that you take magnesium before bed as it helps relax muscles and calm neurotransmitters.

Probiotics and Omega-3 Fish Oil

Probiotics are absolutely essential to gut health. Your gut is full of bacteria, so taking a probiotic ensures that there is a high number of good bacteria to combat the bad. This balancing act affects your weight, hormones, inflammation and more. While probiotics can be found in foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha, an additional supplement boost never hurts.

Omega-3 fish oil supplements provide the good fat your body needs for brain health. While many people shy away from fats in foods, your brain actually needs healthy fat to function. If your diet doesn’t normally consist of wild-caught seafood or plants like flaxseed, you might want to consider supplementing with omega-3 fish oils.

A Daily Multivitamin

If you don’t already include this in your day-to-day regimen, now is the time to start. Regardless of the brand, the right multivitamin encapsulates most of the above ingredients into one handy supplement. A healthy diet will give you a good amount of the nutrients you need, but nothing can cover the bases better than a multivitamin. If you typically stick to a pretty strict menu that rarely varies, you may not even realize what nutrients you’re missing out on. Experts say these are the most essential ingredients to look for in a multivitamin:

  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B-12

Deficiency symptoms from any of these ingredients include memory loss, tingling or numbness in the limbs, muscle cramps, weakness, gray hair, and headaches just to name a few. There’s no quicker fix than a multivitamin!

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